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Who we are

Tim Johnson/Law is a firm of solicitors with a remarkable track record of successfully representing doctors in litigation. We provide independent advice.  We have no links to any of the medical defence organisations, NHS Trusts or the BMA. 


What we do

We have deep experience of advising a wide range of clients, both doctors and non-doctors on regulatory issues and dealing on their behalf with regulators such as the FCA and SEC, as well as the GMC. We have developed our own methodologies for dealing with such cases.

We advise doctors on both employment law and regulatory issues.  Many of our clients are whistleblowers or the victims of discrimination.  We advise them on GMC investigations and MPTS hearings as well as represent them in the courts and employment tribunals.

We have in depth experience of advising clients on media relations and helping them with this aspect of their case where this is appropriate. Several of our cases have been covered widely in the national and medical media, on television and sometimes internationally. 

Why us

  • We are good lawyers with a strong record of success – see our case study


  • ​We understand the pressures professional people have to cope with when faced with challenges to their fitness to practice, and we are able to respond to their needs.


  • We can use our media contacts to develop public interest in our clients’ cases and the issues they raise.


  • Where appropriate we can help clients fund their cases.


  • We have a wide range of experience to bring to bear and a range of contacts who can help with alternative methods of dispute resolution such as mediation.


  • Our legal advice covers both regulatory and general employment law issues, as the two areas commonly overlap. 

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