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Experience Highlights

International Partnership issues 

More than 20 years experience including advice to some of the world’s largest professional firms and their partners on all aspects of partnership law from forming partnerships to winding them up.

Partner Exits and Team Moves

Advising both departing partners and LLPs on exit, team moves, restrictive covenants, litigation and handling the media.

Partnership Restructuring and Disputes


Experience counts when dealing with partnership issues. We know how stressful they can become, so we aim to support our clients through the process as well as provide excellent legal advice.

The basis of our practice is sound knowledge of the law and outstanding drafting skills, but the softer skills are also important in these situations. We are used to acting as lawyers, negotiators, mediators and counselors in the same matter. So whether you need a really good partnership agreement, to manage the media, scenario planning, advice on restrictive covenants, talking points for a meeting, counselling or a negotiating strategy, we can help.


We can help you set up a partnership or an LLP, manage it, change the membership, make a team move, prevent it or wind up an LLP. We advise partnerships and partners in England, the US and continental Europe on all of these issues and more.

Why us

  • We are commercially oriented and provide legal advice that is tailored to your business objectives 

  • We have more than twenty years of experience in advising partners and partnerships in the UK and abroad

  • We always aim to build a long term relationship with our clients and focus on what is important to them

Extensive experience of advising individual partners and partnerships on the construction of partnership agreements, restructuring and resolving disputes.

Setting up a Niche Global Business as an LLP

Advised the founding partners and subsequent members of a highly successful  international business on establishing itself as an LLP and navigating changes in membership as it grew.

Thanks, as always, for your sound timely advice.

Caroline Miller Oyler, Senior Vice President, Legal Affairs Papa John's International, Inc.

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