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Employment Law


Advising clients on whistleblowing protection within financial structures that tend to involve financial manipulations and health and safety issues. 

Acting for junior doctors who suffered detriments from HEE and NHS Trusts as the result of raising concerns about staff shortage and other health and safety issues. We also help our clients in raising funds through crowdfunding as we understand the financial difficulties junior doctors are going through. 

Junior Doctors and NHS

SEC Complaints


Whistleblowing is often a life changing experience for those involved and can have a major impact on your career as well as life. That is why it is important to consult with a solicitor who is experienced in both employment law as well as the legal process of whistleblowing.

Whether you have to deal with whistleblowing as an employer, an investment banker or as a junior doctor in the NHS we can advise you on the law, litigate on your behalf and deal with the media. Above all we can utilise our direct experience of whistleblowing in these areas to help and advise you.

Recent research shows how important it is that whistleblowers are well advised – see

Please email: if you would like to discuss any aspect of whistleblowing with us.

Why us

  • We offer honest, expert advice to employers and employees on whistleblowing matters and employment law.

  • We have a high rate of settling whistleblowing claims without a need of attending hearing.

  • Our team has strong media contacts and extensive experience of dealing with regulators such as the FCA and SEC.

  • We are used to dealing with high value claims and achieving positive results for our clients. 

  • We assist clients in raising finance through crowdfunding so that they have less matters to stress about. 

I am very grateful to Tim Johnson/Law, James Laddie QC, Chris Milsom and Public Concern at Work for all their hard work and support.

Dr Chris Day

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Advised bank’s employee who became aware of the bank’s fraudulent activity and assisted in lodging a complaint to the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

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