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Settlement Agreement

Experience Highlights

Top level experience

Drafting bespoke settlement agreements for the most senior employees of UK and the US based companies. 

Drafting bespoke settlement agreements for the most senior employees of UK and the US based companies. 

Resolving disputes involving hundreds of thousands of pounds in compensation.

Problem solving

Problem avoidance

Ensuring employees are free from restrictions after they leave and minimising obstacles to finding new employment quickly. 

Tax effective

Increasing the employee’s net payment as much as possible.


You need a really good employment lawyer to cut through the jargon and focus on what matters in a settlement agreement.

We will guide you through the whole process, ensure that you understand the agreement, advise you on realistic options and implement whatever you decide to do.

What is a settlement agreement?

A settlement agreement ends employment on agreed terms and settles any disputes. 

Before you sign it your employer will arrange for you to obtain independent legal advice. That is necessary to make the agreement binding. 

Once you sign there is no going back. The settlement agreement prevents you making almost any claims against your employer.

Who pays for the legal advice? 

In most cases, the employee will not have to pay the legal fees. The employer will agree to pay a fixed sum. 

However, you may not be happy with the terms of the agreement and want us to negotiate a better deal on your behalf. That may cost more than the fixed sum the employer is willing to pay. In that case we will agree our fees with you in advance. We will let you know in writing before doing any work you will have to pay for.  

Why us

  • We have a lot of experience and we are good at what we do. 

  • Based in the City of London we are used to dealing with the complex regulatory and employment issues which can arise for City workers. 

  • We also advise employees nationwide.

  • Our solicitors have a solid experience in negotiating better terms and higher pay offs. 

  • We also have a busy litigation practice and an outstanding record of success. 

  • Finally, although our fees are not cheap they are reasonable compared to others in the City. 

You’re the greatest lawyers and greatest professionals. I’ve learnt a lot from you.

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