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Adam Kay has agreed to speak at junior doctors getting heard for nothing

Our main speaker, and former junior doctor, Adam Kay has a sell-out tour going on across England. At our event he will read from his dairies, the current best seller, This is Going the Hurt.

As he says, like other of our speakers:

“Around the same time that I was reliving all this through my diaries, junior doctors in the here and now were coming under fire from politicians. I couldn’t help but feel doctors were struggling to get their side of the story across (probably because they were at work the whole time) and it struck me the public weren’t hearing the truth about what it actually means means to be a doctor”

On 19 July at the Impact Hub Kings Cross we will explore why that was, and just what junior doctors did to get their story to the public.

We are very grateful to Adam for agreeing to take part in the event for nothing to support Chris Day and junior doctors generally.

If you would like to attend please book a ticket here

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