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Comres survey on sexual harassment

ComRes, has recently conducted a survey on sexual harassment for BBC Radio 5 Live. ComRes interviewed more than 2000 British adults online. The poll was triggered by the recent scandal involving Harvey Weinstein. It made some interesting finding, for instance that London is one of the cities in the UK where victims of sexual harassment are least likely to report the experience.

The survey concluded that only 37% of women and 21% of men report that they have been sexually harassed. Moreover only few who decide to report will report it to their employer and/ or police.

However the report suggests that this may be starting to change and that a greater number of victims are likely to report sexual harassment now than was the case five years ago. The Me Too campaign and reaction to the sexual assaults claims against Mr Weinstein seem to be empowering more women to share their experiences. Public opinion is now much more supportive too so the risks of being judged or humiliated by the disclosures is less. However that is not to say that all employers are yet willing to be supportive – see

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