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18.30 - 21.30

Junior Doctors Getting Heard is an event hosted by Tim Johnson/Law.

We have lined up a range of speakers to talk about how junior doctors have found new ways to get heard.

  • Chris Day is a doctor and a whistleblower. The event is in support of his crowd funding appeal (

  • Julia Salasky is the founder of Crowd Justice which has provided junior doctors with a link to lawyers and access to the courts.

  • Moosa Qureshi is a member of Doctors for Progress and has recently been elected to the BMA Council.

  • Aislinn Macklin-Doherty is General Secretary for Health Campaigns Together and founded Junior Doctors Alliance.

  • Amar Mashru is one of the doctors who leads Justice for Health.

  • Cicely Cunningham from Doctors Association UK  

  • Adam Kay was a junior doctor and has written a best-seller, This is Going to Hurt, about the experience.


The event is free but space is limited and tickets will be required for admission. There will be opportunities to network afterwards and you will be able to buy a copy of This is Going to Hurt if you haven’t got one already.


Tickets for Junior Doctors Getting Heard are now available here.


Please note that only those with a valid ticket will be admitted. Please only register if you are going to attend.

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