Gender inequality still exist even if it has been illegal for nearly 50 years. The #MeTooPay campaign, recent case law and the controversy with the BBC presenters. At Tim Johnson/Law we see first hand how gender inequality can damage corporations and individuals, and that it is often difficult to work out how to overcome this.

Equal pay claims are notoriously complex and require careful, pragmatic approach that we can deliver. 


We advised clients on equal pay claims against well-known investment banks. 


It is surprising that equal pay gaps still exist

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Why us

  • We have a wide range of experience of dealing with discrimination in all its forms through litigation and by resolving disputes.

  • We are also experts in developing and training people in the UK and abroad and can design bespoke training to meet most needs.

  • We are used to dealing with the media and handling high-profile cases at all levels.

  • We have a good track record of successful outcomes for clients.

  • Our team is focused on building a relationship and understanding our clients.

Gender Pay Gap and Equal Pay