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At Tim Johnson / Law we aim to provide a user friendly service, be responsive to clients' needs and use language which gets to the point. We aim to build long lasting client relationships by being willing to invest time in understanding our clients' businesses and tailoring our advice to the outcomes they want to achieve.

We believe that this is recognised by our clients. To give clients international reach we work with labour solicitors around the world using a network which we have built up over many years.

What people say about us:

"“You’re the greatest lawyers and greatest professionals. I’ve learnt a lot from you." Unsolicited client feedback in June 2016.

"The legal team at Tim Johnson/Law is really outstanding. I compliment them on their honesty and professionalism. I would recommend them to anyone."
Latifa Bouabdillah, Bouabdillah v Commerzbank AG ET/2203106/12

"Thanks, as always, for your sound timely advice."
Caroline Miller Oyler, Senior Vice President, Legal Affairs Papa John's International, Inc.